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The Full Wrap

The Centergy Cycle

CentergyCycle with Student Voice.png

We guide you through our 7-Step framework, The Centergy Cycle, to help you identify and prioritize student needs through a framework of trust: strengthening relationships, gathering student voice, and cultivating hope.  You'll learn how to gather student voice, analyze data, asset map your community, and coordinate services to align resources, partners, and funding. 

The recommended time span for launching a wraparound center is eighteen months to two years, broken down into two tiers (or years based on start date). Tier 1 focuses on laying the foundation: gathering student voice, developing staff capacity, and planning partnerships. Tier 2 tasks relate to implementation: launching partnerships and building the structure to deliver services to students and families.

We'd love to talk to you about partnering with your school district to launch wraparound services for your students and their families. 

The Centergy Cycle represents a rather down-to-earth, straightforward, and common-sense approach of using student voice to guide school-improvement efforts. Yet this simple idea has the potential to transform classrooms and schooling. It might just change your conception of effective schooling in your community and district.

-Bob Barr, Educator & Best-selling author

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