We at The Centergy Project are convinced that families, schools, and communities are collectively responsible for growing within our children/students the tenets of hope and resilience: a sense of optimism, worth, belonging, purpose, and self-regulation.

We help schools create systems of support for students facing barriers to success. First, we listen to teens to understand their barriers so we then can connect them with people and services aligned to their needs. We’ve interviewed thousands of students in schools to capture their voices and their truth. Now we’re curious to listen to adults reflect on their own school experiences, tapping into the wisdom that sometimes comes with hindsight. Our goal is to bring those voices to schools that are eager to know what works and how they can improve.

We’d love to add your voice to our growing collection of school experience stories. We promise to never share your name but would like your permission to share your story.

Here are a few questions to prompt your thinking. Feel free to answer some, all, or give us something else altogether.

Your voice, your choice.

Questions to prompt your thinking:

What was your greatest barrier to learning and graduation?

When times were challenging, who or what gave you hope and kept you engaged?

If you had a particular teacher who was important to you, how did he or she influence you?

If you chose to leave high school prior to graduation, when did it begin to go off track for you? Was there something that could have been done by the school to keep you engaged and on the path of graduating?

Was there something important for your school to have known about you—something that would have helped school staff in teaching and supporting you— but your school never knew it?

Do you have a significant or favorite school memory? If so, please tell us about it.

Do you have a suggestion for improving the student experience or the way educators support students in school?

Is there something you considered to be your greatest achievement in school?

Where are you now? Is there something you would want to tell your school self or your school’s staff?

Is there anything else you would like to share?