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Our 2-day student voice training equips you and your school staff with five voice processes designed to identify needs and priorities, deepen relationships with your students, develop interventions for off-track students, quantify your students' needs, and much more. 

Ideal for social workers, counselors, graduation coaches, school administrators, and other student support staff.


Conversation Circles

Convene a cross-section of students to gather broad information about academic achievement, social-emotional wellness, and family engagement.


Student Voice Needs Survey

Develop a survey based on information gleaned from Conversation Circles to quantify student needs and project potential caseloads for resources (i.e., basic needs, financial aid), services (i.e., therapy, counseling), and opportunities (i.e., internships, mentors).


Off-track interviews

Conduct personal conversations with off-track students to learn about barriers and develop action plans when appropriate.

Focus Group from Shutterstock.jpg

Focus Groups & Individual Focused Conversations

Delve into specific barriers (i.e., stress & anxiety, anger, immigration, substance use) to understand student perspectives and elicit programming suggestions.


Graduation & Legacy Stories

Gather reflective feedback from students making major transitions--such as leaving elementary or middle schools or graduating from high school.

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