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The Myers-Briggs Type (MBTI) Indicator

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The MBTI is a great tool if your team needs to understand one another better and boost their productivity. As the most popular psychological assessment in the world, the MBTI assessment distinguishes itself in many ways by offering:

  • A framework and a process yielding greater self-awareness and leading to better self-management

  • A vocabulary that allows people and groups to speak more effectively about needs, expectations, preferences and conflict

  • A statistically validated tool that supports effective communication, leadership, team, and relationship development


We'll deliver an entertaining facilitation employing a variety of methods to illustrate the impact personality has on behavior: movie clips, stories, and interactive activities. The goal is to provide participants with many different opportunities to hone their ‘type-watching’ skills so that they can better adapt their expectations and behavior to life’s situations. Participants frequently report long-lasting improved communication and teamwork as a result of attending Teambuilding with the MBTI.


Administering any psychological assessment in the workplace can create anxiety on the part of the participant. For the most reliable results, great care must be taken to assure everyone that the instrument will not be used to hire, fire, promote, or assess job compatibility. When these environmental issues are effectively addressed, the people will be in their proper place: the driver’s seat of validating their own type.


This workshop can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization with facilitated segments regarding team dynamics: blind-spots, conflict management and resolution, communication strategies, etc.

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