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Want to learn more about Student Voice, Wraparound, and Whole Child? Here are some great resources to get you started.

Stress & Anxiety Resources

We've held Focused Groups with students who struggle with Stress & Anxiety to learn how it impacts their lives--and what can help.

Partnership Planning Guide

Use this guide when you sit down with a potential partner for providing service to your students and their families. 

Keep in mind that initial conversations occur among school and partner leaders with the authority to make decisions related to staffing, programming, funding, and policy—typically the equivalent of the CEO.


This guide will help you determine the partnership’s level of engagement and gain a broad, mutual understanding of the partnership’s scope—its goals and opportunities

as well as the potential risks and problems. Once those high-level issues are addressed, other individuals may be tasked with logistics and implementation. Consider this a starting point, expecting adjustments as the partnership develops.

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