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Do you want to uncover, clarify, and address underlying barriers to your students’ achievement and wellness?

We can help your school
gather student voice to inform

  • Partnership Planning

  • Grant Proposals

  • Parent Education

  • Provide Wraparound Services

  • School Improvement

  • Climate & Culture

  • Student Support Services

  • Faculty PD


Gold medalist in the 25th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards


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In the News

Featured in ASCD's September
EL Magazine!

This article gives an overview of The Centergy Cycle to create community partnerships grounded in Student Voice.

Solution Tree Promotes  
"Securing Our Schools (SOS) 101" 

Leigh teamed up with Police Chief Dan Flynn (retired) to write about their effective partnership when she was a high school principal. They have practical, actionable ideas schools can use now and in the future to make your school safer. 

Here's what people are saying

Stephanie Johnson photo temp_edited_edit

Stephanie Johnson
Deputy Superintendent Georgia Department of Education

The Centergy Project is proof that community partners, stakeholder participation, families and educators can work together to provide comprehensive interrelated layers of support needed for students to have success regardless of circumstances. This support addresses the needs of the “Whole Child” and makes success an option for every student. What an innovative idea to provide in every learning community!

Bob Barr photo temp_edited.jpg

Robert D. Barr
Educator and best selling author

By listening to student voice, Leigh and Linda have deconstructed the concept of
social-emotional needs. What starts as an effort to understand the needs of students blossoms into a multifaceted wave transforming not only the schools
but the communities surrounding them.

Jeremy Williams photo_edited_edited_edit

Jeremy Williams
Gainesville City School System

Sometimes we in education want to jump straight to replicating what we see. In Gainesville, we took our time by starting with gathering student voice because we wanted to get it right. Now our students get to see people they’ve never seen before in this building investing in their futures.

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