Featured in the AJC

Leigh Colburn and our project was featured in the AJC.

Innovator of the Year

Marietta Schools was named Georgia Charter System Innovator of the Year for their Graduate Marietta Student Success Center.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s Endorsement

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle endorsed the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center.

Everybody Wins at GMSSC

An editorial on GMSSC calls it a ‘smashing success’ after completion of its first year.

How Do You Spell Success?

Georgia Education Magazine Freedom & Opportunity recently featured GMSSC in an article titled – “How Do You Spell Success: GMSSC.”

A Culture of Graduation

An article on the opening of the Graduate Marietta Student Sucess Center discusses its approach to creating a ‘culture of graduation.’

Editorial on GA Schools

An editorial on what it takes to fix Georgia’s failing schools mentioned the GMSSC as a potential step towards a solution.

Talks of a Success Center in PPS

The public school system in Peoria, Illinois is beginning to create a success center modeled after GMSSC.

Featured by the National Education Association

The Marietta Student Success Center is truly a home away from home for students at Marietta High School.

Another Test in Georgia High Schools, but this One is About the Kids

“Leigh Colburn was an early champion of YouScience. She learned about it from a parent, then tested it with her own staff and other parents before giving it to students.”

Featured in the Marietta Daily Journal (MJD)

“The Centergy Project, founded by former educator Leigh Colburn and corporate consultant Linda Beggs, is transforming the lives of students through community collaboration.”