Jump-start your district’s initiative to honor student voice by offering wrap-around services to meet the academic and non-academic needs of your students and families.

Thousands of educators and civic leaders have walked through the halls of Marietta City Schools’ Student Success Center and heard stories proving the power of community collaboration to transform lives. The reaction is always the same: “Every school needs something like this!”

We couldn’t agree more. In response, we’ve launched consulting services to help fellow school districts learn from our experience. You can choose from a menu of services based on the level of support you desire on your journey to develop a program designed to meet the unique needs of your students and families.

Want to create your own Success Center? We will help you.

Senate Recognition

Marietta High School’s Graduate Marietta Student Success Center (GMSSC) was recognized at by the Georgia General Assembly on February 15, 2017.

You can listen to Leigh discuss the GMSSC and its success by playing the video on the left. She speaks for the first 3 minutes.

Innovation in Practice

Marietta Student Success Center Recognized!

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Graduate Marietta Student Success Center

The Marietta Student Success Center was founded by Leigh Colburn (one of our founders). It is a prime example of what our services can help you bring to your students.

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What People Say About Marietta City Schools’ Success Center…

“I am the parent of a 9th grader and we are new to Georgia. It has been lonely and scary starting over. I’ve been struggling with obtaining work and my daughter is still getting adjusted to our life changes, a new school environment, and new friends. She started seeing a therapist at the center who has given her support and helped her motivation to do good in her classes. The therapist also contacted me and offered her assistance after learning more about what we are going through. She suggested I come to the center to seek some help. Since then I have felt so welcomed. We have been able to get food, help with some of our bills, and they are trying to help me find a job. Everyone I’ve come across has been friendly, compassionate, and caring. I am still in financial crisis, but I am not facing my problems alone.  Knowing that my daughter’s school has resources to help us fight our way through all of this means the WORLD to me. If other schools had programs like this, it would help student success rates tremendously.”

Marietta High School

“Before the GMSSC, discipline was handled mainly with in-school suspensions and out-of-school suspensions. Both of these consequences failed to address the actual behaviors or put any strategies in place to keep the behaviors from happening again. The GMSSC has allowed the administrative team at Marietta High School the ability to truly impact students’ lives by giving us the resources to: determine the root-cause for behavioral issues and provided supports to address these root-causes; provide direct academic support to students during a time that would have separated the student from school; and provide the students with opportunities to receive social/emotional counseling during the day. By strategically using the GMSSC, we are able to reduce, or off-set, our total days of suspension while helping the students address many of the barriers that lead to the negative behaviors. Directly addressing these barriers also works to lower the rate of repeat offenders.”

Marietta High School

“I don’t know what kids at our school did before the center, but I know we need it to help our students succeed. The center helps our students with personal problems and also if you have a problem and you need to go find a quiet place to collect yourself, you can always go there. Everyone is so nice. The center helps students cope with and overcome our problems. I really believe this is an effective program and other schools ought to have something like this.”

Marietta High School

“You can be assured that I will recommend you to anyone that is interested in addressing the impact of poverty on their school system. The work that you have done is monumental! The presentation that you gave to the joint House and Senate Education Committees changed more attitudes than all that many of us have said and done for years. You most certainly have made a significant impact on education in Georgia.”

Jimmy C. Stokes, EdD
GA Association of ED. Leaders

“GMSSC is a blessing to our school and community. As a retired math teacher, I am in awe at the opportunities that the center affords our students. Students that serve part of their suspension or ones that come for tutoring express a true appreciation of the one-on-one help to get caught up. This program also offers counseling services whether it is for abuse or anger issues, mentoring programs, food and clothing pantries, and other help. It is the best program that I have seen in my 31-year tenure as an educator and is my most rewarding teaching experience as well.”

Retired Teacher, Tutor
Marietta High School

“From the beginning, we have appreciated the fact that GMSSC is led by the student voice and listens to them about what gets in the way of academic achievement and graduation. These honest conversations with students take courage and compassion on the part of GMSSC administration and the students.”


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